Our College development Commitee was formulated to win the time race with growth and transformation. Experienced and knowledge based team involved in our mission to standarise. The commitee comprised of following:

Shri S.M. Hebbar CDC Chairman and MLA of Yellapur Constituency 9448007754
Member of Jilla Panchayat 9886756056
Shri D.N. Gaonkar Educationist 9448611484
Shri Shreeranga V. Katti Educationist 9980934805
Shri M.M. Shaikh Educationist 9916176111
Shri Vijaya V. Mirashi Industrialist 9448007759
Shri Shirish Prabhu Industrialist 9481029777
Shri Devidas Shanbhag Industrialist 9900775367
Shri Rajesh Baddi Merchants 9986134888,9916313103
Shri S.K. Hegde Merchants 9448153536
Shri Datta Revankar Merchants 9449403444
Shri Gopal G. Netrekar SC,ST 9481463353,08419-261642
Shri Premananda NaikRepresentative of Backward Community 944852585
Smt Sunanda Das Representative of Women 9986134888,9916313103
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