The Institution aspires to churn out intelligent beings to align with the ever changing evolutionary global phenomena and empower the individuals with knowledge, skills, attitudes and values of the modern world powered by ancient wisdom.


The institution yearns to be accountable to the stakeholders of education system: parents, students, society and the world at large by investing the aspirants with the following concepts:

  • Motivate the students to expand the knowledgebase by inculcating critical, logical, divergent, convfergent, deductive and inductive thinking skills.
  • Adoption of transformative and innovative approach in the teching-learning process.
  • Share the national responsibility of providing global talent as one in four graduates in the world being a product of the Indian Higher Education System.
  • Multi-disciplinary, career-oriented, entrepreneurship, skill-based courses and adoption of transformative and innovative techniques such as blended learning, flipped classroom and experiential learnhing will be expanded over the years.

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